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E-Commerce, Making Money Online

In this world of financial struggle and monetary concerns, many people are in search of a viable source of extra income. The cost of living is very high nowadays and not to mention that aside from your needs, you have to provide the needs of your family; the monthly bills, eating outs and recreations, loan and amortization notices, and other financial obligations. We try to find ways to make ends meet, cutting on expenses, working overtime, looking for a night job, or sometimes we do nothing.

 The internet has become a commodity. As a matter of fact, almost every household is now connected to the web. We do emails, gaming, watching movies, downloads; meet people, shop, and almost everything in the web. Guess what, we can also do business in the web.  

 Yes, you hear it right; the web can be the solution to our monetary woes and can ease the burden of our financial obligations. And if you just hear it now, you are way too slow in picking up good news. No matter, it is never too late to jump into the wagon of online commerce. Based on statistical research data, there are at least 300,000 internet searches every month related to doing online business. This huge number is proof enough that online business is a blooming industry and there are countless online business successes that can be verified.

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 There is a wide range of online business ventures and opportunities to choose from. Each of which demands a certain level of knowledge and expertise not to mention the time you should allocate for your online business. Here are some of the dominant online business models or ideas.


  • Auctions. Online auctions are used for selling and buying goods or services. As a general rule the highest or lowest bidder wins. This is a particularly good venture for selling and reselling used goods, collector items, services, and service contracts. This type of business is favorable as there are many advantages such as; No time restriction – the orders and bids can be done any time, larger geographical scope – anywhere the internet could reach, and a large market of sellers and bidders.
  • Affiliate Marketing. This type of business earns revenue by promoting products or services from other companies in your own web sites. You are entitled to a commission for every product sold or paid for every viewer you can redirect to their site. This type is not so particularly a time consuming business and is suitable to working individuals.
  • Freelance Services. It is a good venture for individuals who can offer professional help and services to other companies and organizations. This includes copyrighting, article writing, software programming, web development and design, proof reading, and other services. Payment could be agreed as per piece, batch, or by hourly rate.
  • Blogging. This is perhaps the easiest type of online business, especially when you have an inclination to writing articles. Basically, all there is to do is provide interesting topics or articles in your blogs to increase your website traffic, this way many companies will advertise in your site thus earning revenue.
  • Online Consulting. This type is particularly relevant to professionals who have gained proficiency in their respective fields. Many companies will pay for your advice in various aspects of their business within your filed of expertise.
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  • Online researching. Information is a valuable thing and is often expensive. Providing information to companies is a very good business idea, such information can be statistical data, research data on certain topics, and information on companies and individuals.
  • There are also other rather unconventional business ideas like subscription types – where members have to pay periodic membership fees in exchange to exclusive access of contents and other privileges.

 Aside from these, there are a lot more business opportunities in the internet and ideas you can tap to earn money in the web. Word of caution though, as the internet based business is on the rise, so are many unscrupulous individuals who prey on unsuspecting business starters. However, with creativity, wisdom and perseverance; paired with caution, doing online business surely is a ride towards financial stability and worry free living.

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