Saturday, July 20, 2019

Do Mothers Show Favoritism

Mothers have special responsibilities, especially, to their children.  A person’s success depends primarily on the way he was motivated since childhood.  A person’s upbringing is mostly molded by mothers because they are usually the ones taking care of the children.  While the fathers are the ones bringing home the bacon.  Although, nowadays, a lot of mothers are already working in the office, hospitals or any business establishment in order to help their husbands earn for a living.  However, this does not take away their responsibilities as mothers – as parents who are responsible  of taking care of the children from childhood to adulthood.

Mothers with more than one child are more pressured in rearing the children in comparison to those with only one child.  They are also less protective than mothers with a single child.  They are busier and have less time for themselves in comparison to those mothers with just one child.  Mothers with two or more children have a tendency to show favoritism among their children. Why is this so?  Even though, many mothers say that they do not favor any child, reality shows that this does happen with many mothers.  They just cannot accept the fact that they are doing so.  Or maybe, they just wanted to be fair to their children yet they cannot do so.  They have more than one child that is why, they cannot avoid comparing one child from the other.

There are many factors why we could say that mothers have favoritism.  One factor is that, children have different attitudes.  There are siblings who are born to be good while there are those whom we consider “black sheep” in the family.  Those children who do not give much headache to their mothers are usually the favorites.  While those who are hard-headed, stubborn and headache-makers are said to be unwanted and less loved.  Another is that, siblings have unique talents and abilities.  Those children who are talented are more likely praised by their parents, especially by mothers, in comparison to those siblings who are less gifted.  Mothers seem to be more proud of their talented and intelligent children, and they give more attention to them than those siblings who are less talented.  Mothers also tend to show favoritism in terms of the benefits they get from their children.  Like for example, the eldest child has a good job in comparison to the second child. Hence, the eldest child gives more financial help to his parents than the second child.  As a result, mothers tend to love the child who gives them more help and support.  Another factor is the hierarchy.  A lot of people say that mothers love their eldest children.  An explanation to this is that, first born children are born of love while the rest is already born of habit.  But, there are also people who say that the youngest children are the favorites.  This is because youngest children are mostly sweet and caring to their mothers.  They are more attached to their mother that is why they are given more attention in comparison to the elder siblings.

Whatever the reason behind this favoritism, it is important for mothers to be fair.  They may not be conscious about it.  However, they have to be careful with their movements and feelings.  Children are very sensitive about this.  Favoritism is usually the cause why there are sibling rivalries among families.  To avoid this, mothers should give equal attention, treatment and love to their children.  They should set as good examples to their children by being role models.  They should show them fairness and equality in whatever undertaking and endeavor they may take.

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